Exporting a Flow as an Extension

Extensions can be programmed directly in Java (see ITPilot Developer Guide for further information), or they can be created as regular wrappers. The rest of this section will describe the second option.

Create the wrapper that implements the extension as a regular wrapper. Once the wrapper is completed, select the “File->Save as extension” menu option. A dialog will appear prompting for the following information (see Selecting the extension type and its output):

  • Extension type: select between Virtual DataPort extension and ITPilot extension.

  • Extension output: select the component of the wrapper that will generate the extension output. Checking the “Use OutputComponent as output” option will automatically select the output component.

Selecting the extension type and its output

Selecting the extension type and its output

When the dialog is accepted, the system will show a file chooser to specify the target directory and filename to save the jar file containing the generated extension. The saved jar can now be imported in ITPilot or Virtual DataPort to start using the new extension.

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