Configuration of Page Waiting Times

The WaitPages and ExtendedWaitPages commands and certain others (through configuration of the input argument (int) pages) allow for the number of expected pages to be loaded before running the browser sequence to be defined. The configuration parameters for the different times involved are stored in the <DENODO_HOME>/conf/iebrowser/ file:

  • IEBrowser.MAX_DOWNLOAD_TIME. This parameter indicates the maximum waiting time until all the expected pages are loaded. 60000 ms are waited by default (60 seconds).

  • IEBrowser.INTERVAL_CHECKING. This parameter determines the frequency with which loading of the new page is checked. This occurs every 300 ms by default. ITPilot checks whether any new page is being loaded.

  • IEBrowser.BEGIN_NAVIGATION_CHECKS. Used in the ExtendedWaitPages command, this determines the maximum number of times that it is checked whether there is a new browsing. The parameter has a default value equal to 5.

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