Denodo Server

The presto.denodoConnector section of the values.yaml configures the connection details to the Denodo server.

Denodo will use the Denodo Embedded MPP to accelerate queries.


The Denodo Embedded MPP requires the subscription bundle Enterprise Plus and the update 8.0u20230301.

  server: "//denodo:9999/admin_denodo_mpp"
  i18n: "us_utc_iso"
  user: "denodo_mpp_user"
  password: "d3n0do_MPP_p*d"
  chunkSize: 100000
  chunkTimeout: 90000
  queryTimeout: 900000
  ssl: false
  trustStore: ""
  trustStorePassword: ""
  infrastructureProvider: ""
  infrastructureRegion: ""
  • server: Denodo server uri with the format: //<ip_or_hostname>:<port>/admin_denodo_mpp. Make sure that the Denodo server is accessible from the Denodo Embedded MPP Kubernetes cluster.

  • user: Denodo user, denodo_mpp_user by default.

  • password: Denodo password for denodo_mpp_user.

    Starting with the update 8.0u20230914, password must be compliant with Denodo password policies.

    It is recommended to specify the password encrypted to avoid entering it as plain text. You can encrypt the password using the <DENODO_HOME>/bin/ script. If the password is encrypted, prefix it with encrypted:, e.g.

  • ssl: Whether SSL is enabled in the Denodo server.

      ssl: true
      trustStore: "cacerts"
      trustStorePassword: "changeit"
  • trustStore: You only need to configure this parameter if the certificate used by the Denodo server is self-signed or it is signed by a private authority that does not exist within the Embedded MPP’s truststore.

    In this case, copy the truststore file containing the Denodo server certificate, to the presto directory and set the file name in the trustStore parameter.

  • trustStorePassword: Password of the truststore, only if the trustStore property is configured.

  • infrastructureProvider: Name of the infrastructure provider (On-premises, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba, etc.) where the Embedded MPP and the Denodo server are running, for monitoring purposes.

  • infrastructureRegion: Name of the infrastructure provider region where the Embedded MPP and the Denodo server are running, for monitoring purposes.

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