What Is New in Embedded MPP 8.0u20240307

This page lists the main enhancements of the Denodo Embedded MPP 8.0.20240307.


  • FinOps: Include the MPP cloud provider and hosting region.

  • Add failure information to denodo_mpp_query_details view, so there is no need to connect to Presto UI to see query failures.


  • Upgrade Presto version to 0.283.

  • Hadoop logging can now be enabled, previously it was discarded.

  • Increase default timeout for Hive Metastore requests to avoid read timeout errors.

Hive Metastore

  • Include Kerberos utilities in the Embedded Hive Metastore to connect to HDFS with Kerberos.

  • Include SQL schemas of the Embedded Hive Metastore for possible adjustments.

  • Add missing OAuth 2.0 SDK dependencies in Hive Metastore to connect to SQL Server with AD authentication.

  • Add missing dependencies to read Avro files.

Kubernetes and Helm

  • Now, you can apply any configuration change to the cluster by simply executing helm upgrade prestocluster prestocluster/.

  • Add Readiness and Liveness Probes. Both probes are used to control the health of the cluster. If the Liveness probe fails, the container will be restarted the container, while if the Readiness probe fails, the container will stop serving traffic.

  • Now, Hive Metastore deployment can be disabled in the values.yaml.

  • Requests and Limits for Hive Metastore and PostgreSQL deployments can now be specified in the values.yaml.

  • Add new rule to ensure that the Embedded Hive Metastore runs on nodes other than Presto.

  • Now, AWS Glue Data Catalog can be configured as an external Metastore in the values.yaml.

  • Additional catalogs and properties can now be configured in values.yaml.

  • Add OnRootMismatch on securityContext to avoid permission issues when restarting Postgresql pods in Openshift.

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