Enabling SSL/TLS for External Clients

JDBC and Other Java Clients

To secure the communication between Denodo servers and their JDBC clients, set the Java system property javax.net.ssl.trustStore to point to the TrustStore that contains the certificate used by the Denodo servers. For example:

  • For Windows:

SET JAVA_OPTS=-Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore=<DENODO_HOME>/jre/lib/security/cacerts
  • For Unix:

export JAVA_OPTS=-Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore=<DENODO_HOME>/jre/lib/security/cacerts

Some applications allow you to set this property without setting an environment variable. For example, to launch JConsole, execute this:

jconsole -J-Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore=<DENODO_HOME>/jre/lib/security/cacerts

In JConsole, when SSL is enabled, enter the URL of the Denodo server with the format <host>:<port> instead of <service:<….

ODBC Clients

The sections Access through ODBC and Access through an Ado.Net Data Provider of the Virtual DataPort Developer Guide explain how to enable the SSL communications in ODBC and Ado.Net clients respectively.