Components and Configuration of Virtual DataPort

You can install the following Virtual DataPort modules:

  • Administration Tool. The graphical administration tool of Virtual DataPort as well as the classes required to develop applications that query Virtual DataPort.

  • Data Catalog. Web tool that lets both technical and business users query, search and browse information and metainformation stored in the Virtual DataPort server.

  • Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool. This web tool monitors the current state of one or more Virtual DataPort servers and analyzes its state in the past in order to identify the cause of a problem.

  • Virtual DataPort Server. The Server that stores the metadata of objects such as data sources, views, etc., and embeds a Web container and execute the queries.

When you select Custom Installation in the step 2 of the installation wizard, you can configure the following settings of the Virtual DataPort server:

  • Server port number: port to listen for incoming connections of the Administration Tool, the Design Studio, the Denodo JDBC driver and the Denodo web container.

  • ODBC port number: port to listen for incoming ODBC connections.

  • JMX monitoring ports (Monitoring port number and Auxiliary port number): ports to listen for incoming connections monitoring applications (i.e. JMX applications). The Denodo Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool and the Solution Manager connect to these ports.

  • Shutdown port number: port that Virtual DataPort will listen for shutdown requests.

  • In Windows operating systems, select Install as a Windows service to install Virtual DataPort as a Windows service.


If a firewall software is used to control the traffic between the clients and the server, it must be configured to allow communication to these ports.

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