Denodo 8.0 GA Highlights

This page lists the main features included with Denodo 8.0 GA (no updates); the following pages of this guide provide an exhaustive list of the new features.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    • New and redesigned web-based UI for all components, including a new design studio that enables browser-based development. Designed to maximize the user experience, it takes advantage of the latest technologies and UX trends to create a smooth development interface

    • Single Sign-on integration to simplify transitions between the different components and add capabilities like two factor authentication. Support for SAML, OAuth and OpenID to integrate with external identity providers like Okta, Ping, Duo, AzureSSO, AWS SSO and many others.

  • Cloud-Native Deployments

    • Integrated infrastructure management for AWS (soon to be available for Azure) through a web control panel, including centralized cluster management, scaling and auto-scaling options, automation of update installation, TSL and VPC configuration, and much more.

  • Query Acceleration

    • Denodo 8 builds on its outstanding performance features to include query acceleration capabilities. Denodo’s new engine is able to accelerate execution through an automatic query-rewriting process that identifies pre-calculated summaries that can be used to reduce execution time. As a result, end users and reporting tools don’t have to change their queries, while the execution times can be 100x faster in analytical scenarios.

  • Expanded API Support

    • Denodo 8.0 provides broader capabilities for API management with support for GraphQL. GraphQL is a new query language for web services that simplifies application development and overcomes many of the limitations of RESTful endpoints. Any data model defined in Denodo is now accessible using GraphQL, in addition to the SQL, REST and OData options available in previous versions.

To learn more about these features directly from our experts in the Denodo development team, watch the videos published on our site.

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