Use of configure Scheduler export key script

The script configure_scheduler_export_key allows to configure a password for sensitive data encryption used by default to export/import metadata, instead of Scheduler default one. When exporting/importing metadata, if the export key password is set an the user does not specify a custom password, then the export key password will be used. This script is available in the setup/scheduler directory of the platform. It is provided in two versions: (for Linux systems) and configue_scheduler_export_key.bat (for Windows systems). Make sure the Scheduler server is stopped before setting the key.

Syntax of the “configure_scheduler_export_key” script in automatic mode

configure_scheduler_export_key -k [encrypted:]<key>


-k [encrypted:]<key>: automatic key configuration. This option does not work if there is already a key configured. You can encrypt key/password using the script encrypt_password. Then, copy the output of this command and pass it as an argument of this parameter, with the prefix encrypted. For example, -k encrypted:Gr16MjvuXhRzPtPH/yTXHw==.

./ -k

This command sets the password used to encrypt exported sensitive data (in this example, we pass this new password encrypted).

Syntax of the “configure_scheduler_export_key” script in interactive mode

configure_scheduler_export_key -i


-i: interactive mode. Interactive mode can be used to set,update or remove the key.