Architecture of a Deployment of Solution Manager in AWS

This section displays the architecture of a deployment of Denodo (Solution Manager and Denodo Platform components) when using the Automated Cloud Mode (AWS).

AWS architecture deployment

AWS architecture deployment

This architecture has the following components:

  • The Denodo Solution Manager: it runs in a separate EC2 instance.

  • Each component of the Denodo Platform (Virtual DataPort, Data Catalog, Scheduler…) runs on a separate instance.

  • The instances run in a subnet in a single availability zone inside an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

  • The instances of the same cluster are launched in the same region.

  • Each instance has the appropriate security group to restrict access to only necessary protocols and ports.

  • This architecture relies on the Elastic Load Balancing. Specifically, it uses the Network Load Balancers, which provide TCP load balancing across the Denodo Platform components of the cluster.

  • The Solution Manager can launch the instances of a cluster to instances in an auto scaling group.

  • There are Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes attached to the EC2 instances.

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