Backward Compatibility Between the Virtual DataPort Server and Its Clients

This section explains the backward compatibility policies between the Virtual DataPort server, and its administration tool and other clients.


The following policies and exceptions apply to the administration tool, the Design Studio, the JDBC driver and the ODBC driver, even though only the administration tool is mentioned.

  • The administration tool and the Virtual DataPort server have to be of the same major version. E.g. you cannot connect to Virtual DataPort 8.0 from an administration tool of version 7.0, nor vice versa.

  • A Virtual DataPort server is compatible with an administration tool if:

    1. They both have the same update installed.

    2. Or if the administration tool has an update that is older than the update installed on the server.

  • Do not connect to a Virtual DataPort server using an administration tool that has an update newer than the update of the server. This is not supported and it may lead to unexpected errors.