Auxiliary Web Services


Publishing views as widgets is a deprecated feature and it may be removed in future major versions of the Denodo Platform.

The section Features Deprecated in Denodo Platform 8.0 lists all the features that are deprecated.

The Microsoft Web Parts, as they are not developed in Java, cannot directly connect to the Virtual DataPort server, as the Java Portlets do. Therefore, they require an auxiliary Web Service that will retrieve the data from Virtual DataPort and send it back to these widgets.

Every time a widget is created, its auxiliary Web Service is also created, but they still need to be deployed.

There are two options to deploy an auxiliary Web Service:

  1. Deploy it in the embedded container: click on Deploy in the “Deployment” column of the Widgets Status panel.

  2. Export it to an external J2EE Web Container such as IBM WebSphere Application Server: click on war in the “Deployment” column of the Widgets Status panel and follow the required steps to deploy a web application in your specific environment.


Before using a Microsoft Web Part, you have to deploy its auxiliary Web Service. Otherwise, the widget will not display any data.

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