To use the API of MySQL to perform bulk data loads, the system variable “local_infile” of MySQL has to be enabled.

  • For MySQL 8.x:

    1. Execute this command in MySQL with an administrator account to check if “local_infile” is enabled:

      SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE 'local_infile';
    2. If the setting is disabled execute this in MySQL to enable it:

      SET GLOBAL local_infile = true;


      For the GCP Cloud SQL for MySQL and the MySQL 8 adapters it is not necessary to do the steps above. Just check in the driver properties that allowLoadLocalInfile is set as true (it is set to true by default) in order to avoid the restriction to access local files for bulk load.

  • MySQL 5.x: with the default configuration, “local_infile” is enabled so you do not have to change anything.

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