Path From Variable

Use this path if the data will not be obtained from any source but it is provided by clients in the WHERE clause of the queries that involve the base views of the data source.

To use this type of path, you have to provide a name for the variable. All the base views created over a data source with this type of path, will have an extra field, which represents this variable.

Let us say that:

  • You create a DF data source with Data route From Variable and the name of the variable is “variable_with_data”. The Column delimiter is “,”, and select the Header check box.

  • Click Create base view. Now you will have to provide the value of the variable “variable_with_data” so the Server infers the schema of the data. For example:

  • Then, every time a client queries this view, she will have to provide the value of the variable in the WHERE clause of the query. E.g.:

    SELECT region, sales, activity
    FROM bv_df_view_from_data
    WHERE input_variable_with_data = 'REGION,SALES,ACTIVITY