Web Sources (WWW)

Web data sources use wrappers created with the Denodo ITPilot Wrapper Generator Tool.


You can only use these sources if Denodo ITPilot is installed.

To create a new Web (WWW) data source, right-click on the Server Explorer and click New > Data source > WWW.

In this dialog, you have to provide a path to a VQL file generated with the ITPilot Wrapper Generator Tool. We can also deploy Web wrappers into Virtual DataPort straight from the Wrapper Generator Tool.

In the Metadata tab, you can set the folder where the data source will be stored and provide a description.

When editing the data source, you can also change its owner by clicking the button image0.

Importing a WWW VQL

Importing a WWW VQL

Click Save to execute the VQL statements of the VQL file, which should create an ITPilot wrapper. Then, click Create base view. This dialog shows the fields of the new view. In it, you can rename the base view and its fields. In the Metadata tab, click Browse to select the folder where the new base view will be stored.

Then, click the button Save to create the base view.

If the ITPilot wrapper has two input parameters that were marked as “pass-through session credentials”, by default these fields will not be added to the base view. Instead, at runtime, the Server will set the value of these parameters to the user name and password of the user that queries the view.

After creating the WWW data source, you can edit it and clear the Pass-through session credentials check box. After this change, the views created over this data sources will have these two fields in their schema.

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