Tree View

The Tree View displays the successive levels of views that have been composed to construct this view.

To open this dialog, double-click on the view in the Server Explorer and click image0.

The available options in this dialog are:

  • Click on any view to open its schema.

  • Click on the tree nodes representing combining operations (joins, unions, selections, etc.) to display their main properties. For example, for selection operations, it will display their select condition.

  • Click on a data source (leaf nodes) to see its properties (only in administration mode) Sensitive information such as passwords is not displayed.

  • Click Save image to export the Tree View to a file (a PNG file).

Tree view of incidents_sales

Tree view of incidents_sales

You can obtain programmatically, the same information displayed in this dialog, with the stored procedure VIEW_DEPENDENCIES.

For example,

FROM view_dependencies()
WHERE input_view_database_name = 'sales_reporting'
    AND input_view_name = 'order';
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