Exporting and Importing Elements Across Different Environments

In some organizations, applications are deployed in several environments (e.g. development, staging and production). If you also have a Virtual DataPort server for every environment, you probably need to have the same elements (data sources, views, etc.) in all of them. However, the configuration of the elements that depend on the environment where the Server is running may be different. For example, in each Server, JDBC data sources may have to point to different databases, Web service data sources to different URLs, etc.

By default, the metadata is stored in a single file or in a Repository. If you want to import these metadata into a Server of a different environment, you have to edit these files to change the parameters’ values of some VQL statements. This process can be prone to errors.

Virtual DataPort provides two options to help you export and import metadata between Servers that run in different environments:

  1. Export the elements that depend on the environment to one file and the elements that do not depend on the environment, to another. See section Exporting Environment-Dependent and Independent Elements to Different Files.


    This option is deprecated and it may be removed in future releases of the Denodo Platform.

  2. Or, export the metadata to a file with properties. See section Export to a File with Properties.

You can use these options when exporting/importing from the Administration Tool and when using the export and import scripts (section Export Script).

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