Nowadays, any organization of a certain importance makes use of a multitude of data sources developed over a period of time. Generally, these data sources are developed using different technologies (relational databases, Web services, XML documents, spreadsheets, flat files, etc.), using very heterogeneous data models, and include both structured and unstructured data.

Development of new services for clients and/or optimization of company business processes require the new systems built to integrate the data stored in these inherited data repositories. In addition, it is often needed to access external data sources to interact with partners, providers or customers. The Web itself is also a very valuable information source for many business purposes.

Virtual DataPort is a global solution for the real-time integration of heterogeneous, distributed, structured and semi-structured data sources. For this, it combines various features:

  • Integrates and manages the data that are relevant to the company, regardless of its origin and format.

  • It incorporates these data into its data system, in real time or with configurable preloads.

  • Facilitates the construction of distributed information services with high strategic and functional value.

This document provides a technical guide to the use of Virtual DataPort.

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