Privileges Required

You need these privileges to create and manage Kafka listeners:

  • To create a Kafka listener: Create data service over the database in which you create the listener.

  • For the following actions, you need to be an administrator, or the administrator of the database in which you create the listener, or be the owner of the listener:

    • Modify the Kafka listener

    • Delete the Kafka listener

    • Obtain the VQL of the Kafka listener

In the configuration of the listener, you have to select the VDP user name. This is the user account Virtual DataPort will use to execute the queries received by the listener. The user account you can select depends on your privileges:

  • Administrators can select any user account created in Virtual DataPort; it cannot be an external account. That is, you cannot select an account that only exists in the external Identity Provider (e.g. Active Directory, Okta…)

  • Administrators of the database of the listener: can select user accounts created in Virtual DataPort that have the Connect privilege granted over the database of the listener; you cannot select external accounts.

  • Other users can only select themselves.

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