Denodo Virtual DataPort provides business applications with easy access to integrated views of various heterogeneous, distributed and structured and semi-structured data sources. By using examples, this document introduces the reader to the installation, configuration and administration of Denodo Virtual DataPort, including how to create unified views of heterogeneous and distributed data sources.

Who Should Use This Document

This document is aimed at developers and administrators that require a detailed knowledge of how to install, configure and administer Virtual DataPort, including the creation of unified data views on heterogeneous, distributed, and structured and semi-structured data sources. The detailed information required to develop client applications that access Virtual DataPort is provided in the Developer Guide.

Summary of Contents

More specifically, this document:

  • Presents the fundamental concepts of the data integration solutions based on Virtual DataPort.

  • Describes the processes required to install and configure Virtual DataPort.

  • Gives a detailed description, through examples, of how the administration tools of Virtual DataPort are used to construct unified views of data from distributed and heterogeneous sources.

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