Publishing SOAP Web Services

This section explains how to publish a view as a SOAP Web service. Virtual DataPort supports the version 1.1 of the SOAP protocol (Simple Object Access Protocol - SOAP - version 1.1 <>_) and the version 1.1 of WSDL (Web Services Description Language - WSDL - version 1.1).

To publish a view as a SOAP Web service, right-click on the view or stored procedure you want to publish, in the Server Explorer and click SOAP Web service on the New > Data service menu.

The “Create SOAP Web service” dialog has the following tabs:

  • Operations: lists the operations of the Web service. You can add more by dragging a view or a stored procedure to this dialog. See section Operations Tab.

  • Settings: manages the configuration of the SOAP Web service. See section Settings Tab (SOAP).

  • Advanced: manages the parameters of the connection between the Web service and the Virtual DataPort Server and other advanced settings. See section Advanced Tab (SOAP).

  • Metadata: select the target folder of the Web service and provide a description for it.

After configuring everything, click Save to create the Web service. The Tool will display the “Web service container status” dialog that lists the existing Web services. Then, you can deploy the Web service in the embedded Web container or generate the war file and deploy it in an external Web container (see section Web Service Container Status Table).

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