Mutations and Subscriptions

Mutations and subscriptions are not supported.

Group BY

The _groupBy clause is only supported for fields of the main entity of the query. For example:

'_groupBy' clause example

Grouping by fields of related entities is not supported by the Denodo GraphQL Service.

'_groupBy' clause error
    "errors": [
            "message": "Error in _groupBy clause: Grouping by navigational fields is not supported.",
            "extensions": {
                "orderByField": "orders.total_price",
                "invalidClause": "_groupBy",
                "classification": "ValidationError"
    "data": {
        "order_detail": []

Handling of Very Large Result Sets

Due to the output validation and serialization requirements imposed by the GraphQL specification, it’s recommended to use large page sizes if the result sets are potentially very large. This way you will reduce the number of pages needed to iterate the result and overall data retrieval performance will improve. However, note that the page size could affect the amount of server memory used by the Denodo GraphQL Service.

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