Configuring the Default Internationalization

The Virtual DataPort server internationalization configuration specifies aspects such as time zones.

Virtual DataPort includes typical internationalization configurations and you can also create new ad hoc configurations (see section Managing Internationalization Configurations of the VQL Guide).


It is also possible to specify a different internationalization configuration for each base view (see section Internationalization Configuration).

The Administration Tool also has its own internationalization configuration that can be changed on the tab Locale of the dialog Tools > Admin Tool Preferences (see section Locale)


When you change the i18n of the Denodo server, Denodo invalidates the cache of the views that have one or more fields of type timestamptz and/or date (deprecated type).

This occurs when you change this from the administration tool or when you execute the following statement and the existing value is different than the new one:

SET 'com.denodo.vdb.misc.I18nParametersManager.i18nDefault'='<new i18n map>';
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