Limiting the Number of Concurrent Requests

It is possible to limit the number of requests that the Virtual DataPort Server will accept concurrently. When that limit is reached, the new requests will be queued and executed according to their arrival order.

Limiting the number of concurrent requests is useful in high load environments, since it avoids performance degradation issues when there is a peak load.

To change these settings, click the menu Administration > Server configuration and then, click Concurrent requests.

In this dialog, you can configure the following parameters:

  • Activate/deactivate the limitation of concurrent requests. If deactivated, the server will try to execute all requests as they come (default value: Off).

  • Maximum number of concurrent requests. The Virtual DataPort server will only accept this number of concurrent requests.

  • Maximum number of requests on queue. Maximum number of queued requests waiting to be executed. New requests beyond this number will be discarded.

Concurrent Requests configuration

Concurrent Requests configuration

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