Launching the Administration Tool

There are two ways of launching the administration tool of Virtual DataPort:

  1. Use the Denodo Platform Control Center:

    1. To start the Control Center, execute <DENODO_HOME>/bin/denodo_platform.

    2. Click Virtual DataPort on the left panel.

    3. Click Launch (next to Virtual DataPort Administration Tool).

  2. With a script:

    On Linux, execute <DENODO_HOME>/bin/

    On Windows, execute <DENODO_HOME>/bin/vdpadmin.bat.

When you launch the administration tool, you will see the log-in dialog. Enter the connection details and click Connect.

Authentication screen in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool

Authentication screen in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool

The URI for a default installation is //localhost:9999/admin.

The default credentials are

  • Login = admin

  • Password = admin

We strongly recommend you change the password of the admin user after logging in for the first time. You can also create another administrator user, log out, log in with the new administrator account and then, delete the user admin.

The administration tool will warn you if you are connecting to a Virtual DataPort that runs with a different Denodo update.

When connecting to Virtual DataPort from the Administration Tool or the Design Studio, the database is optional in the URI (e.g. “//”). When you do not specify the database, you will connect to the first database over which you have the privilege CONNECT.

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