Starting the Design Studio

In the installation of the Solution Manager, the Design Studio starts up automatically when starting the Solution Manager Administration Tool.

There are to ways of starting the Design Studio of the Denodo Platform:

  1. Use the Denodo Platform Control Center:

    1. To start the Control Center, execute <DENODO_HOME>/bin/denodo_platform.

    2. Click Virtual DataPort on the left panel.

    3. Click Start (next to Web Design Studio).

  2. With a script:

    On Linux, execute <DENODO_HOME>/bin/

    On Windows, execute <DENODO_HOME>/bin/designstudio_startup.bat.

To stop the Design Studio, either click Stop on the Control Center, or execute the script <DENODO_HOME>/bin/designstudio_shutdown or stop the Windows service.

Logging in to Design Studio

Both the Solution Manager and the Denodo Platform include the Design Studio. We recommend using the Design Studio of the Solution Manager ( because the Solution Manager provides a single point of access to all the Denodo components, not just the Design Studio. In addition, users will be able to use more authentication methods like OAuth or SAML, not just Kerberos, to log in to Design Studio.

  • Design Studio of the Solution Manager:
  • Design Studio of a Denodo Platform:

When connecting to Virtual DataPort from the Design Studio, the database is optional in the URI (e.g. “//”). When you do not specify the database, you will connect to the first database over which you have the privilege CONNECT.

If the administrator enabled Single Sign-On (e.g. Kerberos) but you want to log in with user and password go to:


If the administrator did not enable HTTPS, the port is 9090.

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