Version Control Systems Integration

Version Control Systems (VCS) integration allows users to do the main tasks involved in version control from the Administration Tool: check out / update and check in / commit of databases and individual elements.

VCS support is integrated with the features for managing the metadata of the Denodo installations used at different points of the software deployment lifecycle (e.g. development, staging, production) and/or at different geographical locations. In Denodo, this concept is named “Environment Management”.

Before using the VCS integration, you have to perform the post-installation tasks described in the section Configuring the VCS Clients of the Installation Guide.


In Denodo Standard, the integration with Version Control Systems is disabled. See also Restrictions of Denodo Standard.


The Design Studio has a limited VCS support. It only supports Commit and Push operations using GIT. These two operations allow developers to work with the Design Studio using the Centralized workflow with shared databases. However, future updates will extend the current options to add support to the rest of the Scenarios and Recommended Uses.