Change Password Script

The script change_password_data_catalog updates the password of the Data Catalog local user. This script is located within the file <DENODO_HOME>/tools/webadmintool/


change_password_data_catalog -h <host> -p <port> -P <password> -n <new password> [-https]
Parameters of the change_password_data_catalog script

Parameter Name



Hostname or IP address of the Data Catalog


Port of the Data Catalog. By default it is 9090


Current password of the local user account


The new password


Option to connect with a SSL/TLS channel

You can encrypt both passwords with the command <DENODO_HOME>/bin/encrypt_password "<password>". Then, copy the output of this command and pass it as an argument of this parameter, with the prefix encrypted. For example, -P encrypted:xd7o6/xZuNwWvg1YGNuz9g==.

Example of invoking the script with the password encrypted
./change_password_data_catalog.bat -h localhost -p 9090 -P "admin" -n "encrypted:t4TUiIbaypRLAS8Fv/itZ60mrPG4lkTAOvSRtjyKSnX7MtBc2zIsKisvl/2ad672Tf/d3XP2yN/zBdbULGF/MQwz7vWQsgSr"

The new password has to meet the Password Policies in the Denodo Platform and Solution Manager.

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