Export Metadata Script

To export the Data Catalog’s metadata you can use the export script located in the folder <DENODO_HOME>/tools/data-catalog.


export -h <host> -p <port> -l <login> [ -P <password> ] [ -s <Virtual DataPort server name> ]
       -f <output file>
       [ -contentSearch ]
       [ -personalization ]
       [ -kerberos ]
       [ -permission ]
       [ -recommendations ]
       [ -https ]
       [ -mp <encryption password> ]
Parameters of the export script

Parameter Name



Shows the help


Hostname or IP address of the Data Catalog


Port of the Data Catalog. By default it is 9090


Login to connect to the Data Catalog


Password to connect to the Data Catalog


Name of the Virtual DataPort server used for authentication. You have to specify this if there is more than one server registered in the Data Catalog. Otherwise, it is optional.


Output file


Export the content search settings


Export the personalization settings


Export the Kerberos settings


Export the permissions settings


Export the recommendations data


Option to connect with a SSL/TLS channel

-mp, --metadata-password

Custom password used for sensitive data encryption

You can encrypt both passwords using the script <DENODO_HOME>/tools/data-catalog/encrypt_password. That way you can avoid entering them in plain text. If the password is encrypted, prefix it with encrypted:. E.g. -P encrypted:xd7o6/xZuNwWvg1YGNuz9g==.


export -h localhost -p 9090 -l admin -P encrypted:xxxxxxx -f -contentSearch -personalization -mp encrypted:yyyyyyy
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