Locale Configuration

When you execute a query in the Data Catalog, there may be values in the results that do not match your regional configuration. This is especially important for datetime and real values, whose format tend to be different between regions.

You can change the internationalization settings of the query results to match your regional configuration as follows:

  1. Go to the menu with the profile icon and select the Locale configuration option.

  2. Enable the Internationalize results option.

  3. Select the locale value that matches your regional configuration.

The selected locale will determine the following aspects of your query results:

  • The format of datetime values.

  • The format of real values.

  • The language.

  • The country.

  • The time zone.

See also

If there is no locale that meet your needs, you can create a new i18n map in the Virtual DataPort server. Further information is available in the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide.

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