Introducing the Data Catalog

The default URL for accessing the Denodo Data Catalog from a local machine is http://localhost:9090/denodo-data-catalog. Type it in your favorite browser and you will see the login page.

Login page of the Data Catalog

Login page of the Data Catalog

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The login page may look different depending on your configuration. Go to the Authentication section for more details.

In the data infrastructure of your company you may have several Virtual DataPort servers, each one with a different catalog to discover. Select the Virtual DataPort server you want to connect to and sign in with your credentials. The Data Catalog will welcome you with its new home page.

Home page of the Data Catalog

Home page of the Data Catalog

From the home page of the Data Catalog you can start discovering new data resources of your organization. Just enter a query in the search bar to find views and web services by their metadata (name, description, fields…). If you want a more refined search, click Advanced search and go to the Search page, where you can filter your results or even search within their actual data.

To help you discover new elements among the data resources of your company, the home page presents you with a selection of items organized by different topics:

  • Most used lists the views and web services most requested by all the people in your company.

  • Recently added shows you which elements are new in the catalog.

  • Recently endorsed is the list of views and web services that have recently received an endorsement from someone in your company.

  • Most used by you shows the views and web services most visited or executed by you.

  • Recently used by you is the list of views and web services that you have recently requested.

  • Recommended to you shows you a ranking of elements from the catalog that can be of your interest according to your interactions with the Data Catalog and the Virtual DataPort. Your activity in Virtual DataPort is analyzed from the same data used to compile the usage statistics. If you have not configured the gathering of usage statistics, only your activity in the Data Catalog will be taken into account.

  • Most used queries shows the queries that you use the most.

  • Recently used queries is the list of queries that you have recently requested.

  • Catalog shows the number of items of each type managed by the Data Catalog.


The recommendation of datasets is only available with the AI & Recommendations FeaturePack. To find out the subscription bundle you have, open the About dialog of the Data Catalog.

The menu at the top gives you access to all the features in the Data Catalog:

  • Click the Search option and make advanced searches. You can query the data resources in your catalog by their metadata and even by their actual data.

  • The Data Catalog allows you to organize your data resources by hierarchical categories or tags. From the Browse menu you can navigate through all the elements that belongs to a specific category or tag, or inspect the catalog by the databases and folders in Virtual DataPort.

  • You can execute queries on the views or web services of the catalog to retrieve specific data from them. If a query is important to you, you can save it for later. Check and share all your saved queries from the My queries option.

  • If you have the proper permissions, you will see the Administration menu. From there, an administrator can configure the Data Catalog server, define new tags or categories, synchronize the catalog with Virtual DataPort, and more.

  • From the Help menu you will get direct access to reference materials about the Data Catalog: online documentation, tutorials, training courses, videos, and more.

  • Use the Profile menu to configure your locale or to close your session in the Data Catalog.

Every time you want to go back to the home page, just click the Data Catalog logo at the upper left corner.


Many of the features described above require that the Data Catalog has been synchronized with the Virtual DataPort at least once. If you are an administrator and the Data Catalog has not been synchronized yet, you will see following warning to remember this.

Warning to synchronize with Virtual DataPort
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