Exporting and Importing Saved Queries

You can transfer your saved queries across Denodo installations. Just export them to a file and import that file into the target installation. Let us see how to do it.

To export your saved queries to a file, you have the following options:

  • To export one query, click its menu-item icon and select the Export query option.

  • To export several queries at once, select them and click the Export button in the toolbar.

To import a set of queries previously exported to a file, click the Import button in the toolbar and load the file.


Your existing queries will be overwritten if there are queries in the file with the same name. Note that names are compared in a case insensitive way.

An administrator of the Data Catalog have two more buttons in the toolbar: Export all users queries and Import all users queries. With them, she can export and import all the queries that users saved when they were connected to the current Virtual DataPort server. This is useful:

  • To transfer all saved queries across environments. For example, from a sandbox environment to production.

  • To migrate all saved queries from Data Catalog 7.0.

To transfer all saved queries, an administrator needs to proceed as follows:

  1. Connect to a server in the source environment.

  2. Go to My Queries and click the Export all users queries button.

  3. Connect to the corresponding server in the target environment.

  4. Go to My Queries, click the Import all users queries button and load the file you just exported.

  5. Repeat this process for every server in the source environment.


Take into account that Information Self-Service Tool 6.0 allowed to build queries with:

  • Expanded fields from to-many associations.

  • Explicit GROUP BY and HAVING clauses.

Since Data Catalog 7.0 these elements are no longer supported. Therefore, to migrate your saved queries from Information Self-Service Tool 6.0 proceed as follows:

  1. Export all your queries from Information Self-Service Tool 6.0.

  2. Import them in Data Catalog 7.0. If you are importing queries with any of the non-supported elements, they will be ignored.

  3. Export all your queries from Data Catalog 7.0.

  4. Import them in Data Catalog 8.0