My Queries

The My queries page lists all the queries you saved while connected to the current Virtual DataPort server. For each query, it shows:

  • Its name. Click it to load the query.

  • A description.

  • In regular queries, the queried view or web service and its database.

  • In VQL Shell queries, the VQL sentence and the database to which the shell connects.

  • If the query has been parsed correctly (valid) or not (invalid) only when the query has been saved from the VQL Shell.

  • If the query can be shared or not.

The My queries page with all your saved queries

The My queries page with all your saved queries

To filter by text the queries in the list, proceed as follows:

  1. Type some text in the search bar under the Filter queries title.

  2. Select the fields where you want to search: name, description or both.

  3. Press ENTER right after you typed your search terms or click the search icon in the search bar.

You can remove saved queries from the list. There are two ways of doing it:

  • To remove one query, click its menu-item icon and select the Remove option.

  • To remove several queries at once, select them and click the Remove button in the toolbar.

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