VQL Shell

The VQL Shell tool allows the execution of VQL queries and DDL statements.

You can see detailed information about the VQL Shell in the section using the Design Studio VQL Shell, in the documentation of the Design Studio.

The VQL Shell tool

The VQL Shell tool

From the VQL Shell tool, you will be able to save a query of type VQL Shell using the Save Query button.

VQL Shell save query dialog

VQL Shell Save query dialog

In the Save query dialog, you must provide:

  • The query name.

  • The query description (optional).

  • The VQL sentence to save.

As any other types of queries in the Data Catalog tool, the results of the VQL Shell queries can be exported to different formats.

You can see detailed information about exporting query results, in the query documentation section.

Additionally, while you are building queries in the Query tab of a view, you can open the VQL Shell with the current VQL.

To do so, click on the VQL button to open the dialog, and then, the Open in VQL Shell button will load the current VQL query in the VQL Shell.

VQL Dialog in the Query tab.

VQL dialog in the Query tab

The VQL Shell can be disabled by an administrator in the Server set-up.

To do so, the administrator can choose the roles allowed to execute the VQL Shell in the User section, inside the Permissions tab.

VQL Shell administration.

VQL Shell administration

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