Requests of Views

Requests created on a view can be listed in this tab and also in my requests page.

Requests created for the view

Requests created for the view

From this tab you can also create new requests for this element.

Default behavior will list the active requests (New, In progress, Completed). If you want to see all the requests created press “Show all” toggle to add Canceled and Denied requests to the list.

The list of requests is displayed in a table containing following information:

  • Id: numeric identifier of the request created. It allows the user to open the details of the request.

  • Number of unread notifications: link to the notifications of the request.

  • Status: status of the request:

    • New: new request created.

    • In progress: request administrator is working on the request.

    • Completed: request administrator has marked the request as completed.

    • Canceled: the request can be canceled by the owner or a request administrator to indicate that it is no longer valid.

    • Denied: the request administrator has not accepted the request.

  • Priority: Low, Medium, High or Critical.

  • Created at: date of creation.

  • Modification date: date of last modification done in the request.

  • Summary: short title for the request.

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