Workflow Requests

To provide workflow capabilities in Data Catalog, it has been introduced some types of requests that will allow users to initiate cases on elements that will be attended by an administrator from a data stewardship perspective. Most frequent types of requests: access requests, data quality issues, metadata changes and general questions have been taken into account.

Request creation

Request creation.

The request creation is the same for views, web services and databases.

All the fields are mandatory except the description. Once the first request is created a tab requests will appear with all the requests created by the current user for this element.

Requests created can also be listed from my requests.

Detail of a request for a user with creation permissions:


Request detail overview

Request detail overview.

The title displays the type of request and its id.

  • Overview: this pill shows the main information of the request.

    • Elements: elements on which the request has been created.

    • Priority: priority of the request: Low, Medium, High or Critical.

    • Status: status of the request: New, In progress, Implemented, Canceled or Denied.

    • Creation date: creation date of the request.

    • Created by: owner of the request.

    • Last modification: date of the last modification.

    • Modified by: user that made the last modification.

    • Summary: summary of the request.

    • Description: description of the request.

Actions available: As an owner of a request you can cancel it or change its description while it is not canceled.

Some of these actions will create a notification and an email (if configured in email configuration) to the administrators. These actions are:

  • Create a new request

  • Edit the description of the request

  • Add a message to the request

  • Edit a message of the request

  • Cancel the request


Request messages

Request messages.

  • Messages: This pill shows the messages that the owner or the administrators has sent. If the user is administrator, the author name will be displayed in bold style. A message can only be edited by its owner. When a message is edited an asterisk is shown next to the header of the message. Each message received in the request from an administrator will generate a notification to the owner. (See notifications my notifications) While the respective notification for this message is marked as unread in your notifications list, a New messages bar will appear above this message.


Request status changes

Request status changes.

  • Status: This pill shows the status by which the request has gone through.

Detail of a request for a user with request management permissions.

Request detail as administrator

Request detail as administrator.

The structure is the same of a request for a user with creation permissions. The actions available are different:

  • Priority: Request administrator can modify the priority in case it is considered wrong.

  • Status: Request administrator can change the status of the request.

Some of these actions will create a notification to the owner:

  • Change the status of the request

  • Change the priority of the request

  • Add a message to the request

  • Edit a message of the request

  • Cancel the request

Requests can be listed as administrator from admin requests section in Administration > Set-up and management.

The notifications for the administrators related to these requests can be found in admin notifications

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