Databases Configuration

In the “Database Management” section you can see the databases from the Virtual DataPort server, once you have imported the metadata. Here, you can set a more meaningful description to each database (by clicking on the edit icon), that can be different from the description in the Virtual DataPort server. When you edit a database, if it has properties groups assigned, you can also modify the values of the properties for that database.

In the following image, the database “sakila” has a local description, whereas the same database in Virtual DataPort has no description (as it is explained in section Elements Configuration, when synchronizing elements with the Virtual DataPort server, you can choose whether to keep the local descriptions or replace them with the ones from the server).

Databases list

Databases list

Edit Database

Edit Databases

In the screen shown in the previous image, you can click on any database to see its elements (views and web services).

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