Supporting Queries with Brackets

Some applications such as Microsoft Power Pivot, in the queries sent to Denodo, surround the schema and the name of the view with brackets (i.e. [ and ]) instead of double quotes. For example, they send a query like this one:

SELECT [customer_360].[customer].* FROM [customer_360].[customer]

Instead of sending one like this one:

SELECT "customer_360"."customer".* FROM "customer_360"."customer"

To configure a DSN to allow brackets instead of the double quotes to surround names of schemas and views, add the following to the connection settings of the DSN:

SET identifierdelimiter=brackets;

To configure this on Windows, open the configuration dialog of the DSN, click Data source and then, Page 2. Add this to the Connect settings box.

To configure this on Linux, add this to the property ConnSettings property of the file used to register the DSN, delete the DSN from the driver manager and add it again.

The sections Set Up a DSN on Windows and Register the Denodo ODBC Driver in UnixODBC explain in detail how to configure a DSN on Windows and Linux respectively.

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