Required Libraries to Develop Custom Wrappers

To develop custom wrappers for Virtual DataPort, add the following jar files to the CLASSPATH of your environment:

  • <DENODO_HOME>/lib/vdp-server-core/denodo-vdp-server.jar

  • <DENODO_HOME>/lib/vdp-client-core/denodo-vdp-parser.jar

You may want to add the libraries Apache Commons Lang library (<DENODO_HOME>/lib/contrib/commons-lang.jar) and Apache Commons IO (<DENODO_HOME>/lib/contrib/commons-io.jar) to the classpath of your project. They contain many helper utilities that can ease the development of the procedures. When deploying a wrapper, you do not need to import them nor include their content within its because they are already present in the classpath of the Virtual DataPort server.

If the custom wrapper relies on third-party libraries, you have to do one of the following steps:

  • Import the third-party jar files into Virtual DataPort and when creating the new custom data source from the administration tool, select the jar with the custom wrapper and the external jars.

  • Or copy the contents of the required jars into the jar that contains the custom wrapper. You have to copy the contents of the required jars, not the jars themselves.

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