Denodo Virtual DataPort enables applications to access integrated views of different heterogeneous and distributed data sources. This document introduces users to the mechanisms available for client applications to use Denodo Virtual DataPort. It also provides the necessary information to develop individual client applications.

Who Should Use This Document

This document is aimed at developers seeking to access Virtual DataPort from a client application. Detailed information on how to install the system and administer it is provided in other manuals to which reference will be made as the need arises.

Summary of Contents

More specifically this document describes:

  • How to access a Virtual DataPort server using the Denodo JDBC driver from your Java application.

  • How to access a Virtual DataPort server from your ODBC application.

  • The generic API based on Web Services for executing any VQL statement on a Virtual DataPort server.

  • How to use the API provided Virtual DataPort to develop custom extensions: stored procedures, wrappers to new sources, functions, security policies and filters.

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