General Architecture

Virtual DataPort servers produce lots of monitoring information through their JMX interface. This information can be used to audit many aspects of the servers: the users connected, the requests issued, how is the CPU performing, etc. The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool can handle all this information and make it easier for a person to understand. To do that it has to collaborate with several components of the Denodo ecosystem. This section will explain how it works in detail, considering the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool of the Denodo Solution Manager.

When a user logs in and starts monitoring some Virtual DataPort servers, the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool interacts with several servers as follows:

  1. The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool is a web application that runs in the embedded web container.

  2. The authentication configuration resides in the Solution Manager server. The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool reads this configuration and tries to authenticate the user. Sometimes it cannot resolve the authentication and delegates this task to the Solution Manager server.

  3. The Solution Manager server manages a catalog of environments and clusters with Virtual DataPort servers. The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool is able to read this catalog, so once it is created in the Solution Manager, it is available in the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool too. Note that it only shows those environments that the user is allowed to monitor.

  4. Let us assume the user has selected an environment to monitor. The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool connects to all the Virtual DataPort servers that participate on that environment. It gathers real-time monitoring data using their JMX interface and build some plots on them.

Architecture of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool when monitoring some servers

Architecture of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool when monitoring some servers

In addition to real-time monitoring information, the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool is able to consume monitoring data stored in log files:

  1. The Denodo Monitor is a command-line tool that connects to a list of Denodo servers using JMX and logs their monitoring data into files. You can launch it through the command line or, in the Denodo Solution Manager, start a monitoring using the Solution Manager Administration Tool. Either way, it will run in the background until you stop it, gathering monitoring data.

  2. Every Virtual DataPort server also registers its activity into log files.

  3. In case of a problem, you have all the information you need in these logs. The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool knows how to process them and gives you the tools to analyze what is happening in the servers at every instant.

Architecture of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool when diagnosing several servers

Architecture of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool when diagnoses several servers

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