Server Configuration

To open the server configuration dialog, the user needs to click on Options > Server configuration. This option is only available to administrator users of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool.

A normal user in the Diagnostic & Monitoring Virtual DataPort server is promoted to administrator of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool when she is granted with the diagnostic_monitoring_tool_admin role.

Nowadays there is only one parameter that an administrator can change that will affect the server behavior: the informative message.

Informative Message

You can configure the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool to show an informative message every time a user logs in. This message can address several purposes: legal notice, welcome message, policy update…

The informative message consists of a piece of HTML to be rendered on the login page. It supports most of the tags of the HTML language, so you can give the text some structure and format.


For security reasons, there are some limitations on the tags or attributes you can use in the informative message. For example, script tags are not available.

To help you create the informative message, the dialog includes an HTML editor so you can graphically compose your text. Note that there is a limit of 4000 characters on the HTML text you can add as informative message. In case you have an HTML text you would like to paste in the dialog, you need to go the Source mode. Otherwise, the HTML tags will be escaped by the editor.

Informative message dialog

Informative message dialog

After saving the informative message, the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool will display it to every user that tries to log in, like in the figure below.

Informative message dialog at login page

Informative message dialog at login page

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