Monitoring Environments

To monitor all the Virtual DataPort servers of an environment, double-click the environment in the tree area. The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool will open a new tab with real-time information of the servers of this environment.

Monitoring an environment

Monitoring an environment

To monitor an environment, the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool requires that all its servers have the same time zone according to their default i18n.

The monitoring of an environment displays as graphs the management information of several servers at once. The information available is the same that you can obtain in the graphs for each individual server, but organized in a different way. Each graph represents a different measure and the series for each graph are the servers in the environment, so you can easily compare how they behave.

There are a set of icons located at the tab of a monitored environment:

  • magnifying-glass: Shows information about the monitored environment.

  • tab-tool: Unfolds a menu with the options play, to start the monitoring of all the servers, and stop, to stop it.

  • reload: Reloads the whole tab restarting the monitoring of all the servers. The existing data will be lost.

  • detach: Opens the tab in a new window.

  • close: Closes the tab and stops monitoring those servers.

  • warning: Warns that the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool cannot connect to one of the servers of the environment. Click on this icon to see which server is unreachable. This icon will disappear as soon as all the serves become reachable again. Meanwhile, the graphs will not show any information for the unreachable servers.

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