Monitoring - Cache

The “Cache” tab displays the last load processes of the cache on the Virtual DataPort server. Those rows that are blurred refer to load processes that have already finished. If there was a problem loading the cache, its corresponding row will appear in red.

Cache tab of a monitored server

Cache tab of a monitored server

To interrupt an ongoing load process, right-click on it and click image0 Cancel Cache Load Process.

The fields that are available in the “Cache Load Processes” table are:

  • ID: Unique identifier of the cache load process.

  • Start Time: Moment at which the cache load process started.

  • End Time: Instant when the cache load process ended.

  • Duration: Number of milliseconds between the start and end time for the cache load process.

  • Session ID: Identifier of the session that this cache load process belongs to.

  • VDP Database: Name of the Virtual DataPort database that the cached view belongs to.

  • View Name: Name of the Virtual DataPort view whose data is loaded in cache.

  • SQL View Name: Name of the SQL table where the data is stored.

  • Cache Status: Mode of the cache, which can be one of the following values: OFF, PARTIAL, PARTIAL_EXACT, PARTIAL_PRELOAD, PARTIAL_EXACT_PRELOAD and FULL.

  • Query Pattern ID: Identifier of the query pattern. A query pattern represents the queries that can be resolved with the cached data.

  • Query Pattern State: State of the query pattern, which can take one of the following values: PROCESSING, VALID or INVALID.

  • Num. Received Rows: Number of rows that have been inserted in the cache so far.

  • Num. Inserted Rows: Number of rows returned by the query and that have to be inserted in the cache.

  • Conditions: List of conditions in the query.

  • Num. Conditions: Number of conditions of the executed query.

  • Projected Fields: List of fields projected by the query.

  • TTL Status: Status of the TTL configuration. It has one of the following values: CUSTOM, DEFAULT or NOEXPIRE.

  • TTL: Time to live (in seconds) of the data stored by the cache load process.

  • Exception: Cause of the problem, if there was a problem while inserting data into the cache.

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