The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool is a web tool that provides two main features:

  • Monitor the current state of a Virtual DataPort server, a cluster or an environment.

  • Analyze its state in the past in order to identify the cause of a problem.

This document provides an overview of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool, shipped along with the Denodo Platform and the Denodo Solution Manager.


In Denodo Professional or in Denodo Standard, the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool is not available. See also Denodo Platform - Subscription Bundles.

Who Should Use This Document

This document is aimed at developers and administrators who require a detailed knowledge on the current state of a Virtual DataPort server or need to diagnose an unexpected behavior in it.

Summary of Contents

More specifically, this document:

  • Describes how to install and configure the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool.

  • Explains how to use this tool to monitor Virtual DataPort servers.

  • Explains how to load and analyze collected information from a Virtual DataPort server in order to find the cause of a problem.

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