Export a Widget


Publishing views as widgets is a deprecated feature and it may be removed in future major versions of the Denodo Platform.

The section Features Deprecated in Denodo Platform 8.0 lists all the features that are deprecated.

This command exports an existing widget to a particular widget technology. Depending on the target, the output will be different:

  • Portlets JSR 168 and 286: Output is a .war file that can be deployed in any standard Portlet server.

  • Microsoft Web Part: Output is a .zip containing a webpart file for the deployment in Microsoft Office SharePoint and an XML file containing information about the exported element.


In order to use the Microsoft Web Part, their auxiliary Web Services must be deployed. See section Deployment and Export of Auxiliary Web Services.

Syntax of the EXPORT WIDGET statement
    NAME = <target_file_name:literal>
    URI = <vdp_server_uri:literal>
    LOGIN = <vdp_user_name:literal>
    PASSWORD = <literal> [ ENCRYPTED ]

EXPORT WEBPART FROM WIDGET identifier_name:widgetName
    NAME = <target_file_name:literal>
    URI = <vdp_auxiliary_web_service_url:literal>
  • URI: Its meaning depends on the target widget:

    • Portlet: the URI of the Virtual DataPort server that the portlet will connect to in order to retrieve the data.

    • Microsoft Web Part: the URI of the auxiliary Web Service that it will connect to in order to obtain the data.

  • LOGIN and PASSWORD: Credentials to connect to Virtual DataPort.

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