This stored procedure is deprecated and it may be removed in the next major version of the Denodo Platform. Use the procedure GET_STATS_FOR_FIELDS instead.

The section Features Deprecated in Denodo Platform 8.0 lists all the features that are deprecated.


The stored procedure GENERATE_STATS gathers and stores the statistics of all the fields of a view (minimum value, maximum value, etc. of each field) and the number of rows of the view.

To gather these statistics, it executes a SELECT statement with several aggregation functions, in order to obtain statistics like the average size of each field, number of distinct values, etc.

If you want to gather and store the statistics of only some fields of the view, see the section GENERATE_STATS_FOR_FIELDS.


      viewname : text
    , databasename : text
  • viewname: the procedure will gather the statistics of the view with this name (with the same case)

  • databasename: name of the database to which viewname belongs.

    If null the procedure looks for viewname in the current database.

Privileges Required

Only users that have the Write privilege on the view can execute this procedure. This means, the following users can execute this procedure:

  • Administrators or administrators of this database.

  • Users that have the Connect and Write privileges on this database.

  • Users that have the Connect privilege on this database and Write privilege on this view.


WHERE databasename = 'customer360_db'
    AND viewname = 'top_customer_by_region';
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