Default Ports Used by the Solution Manager Modules

The table below lists the TCP/IP port numbers that each module of the Solution Manager listens for incoming connections.

If these modules are behind a firewall, you must open the appropriate ports in the firewall. If the Solution Manager runs on Windows, remember to open the ports in Windows Firewall as well.

These are the default port numbers. They can be changed during the installation process or later, in the administration tool of each module.

Default TCP/IP port numbers opened by the Solution Manager modules


Default Port

Solution Manager Server



License Manager



Virtual DataPort

Server port (Virtual DataPort administration tool and JDBC port)


ODBC port


JMX (monitoring) ports

19997 and 19995

Shutdown port


Denodo Platform Web container (Solution Manager Administration Tool and the Denodo Security Token Service)

Web container port

19090 for HTTP connections

19443 for HTTPS connections

Shutdown port


JMX port


Auxiliary JMX port


If the Solution Manager runs behind a firewall, open the following ports in the firewall:

  • 10091: to allow the components of the Denodo Platform installations to request a license to the License Manager.

  • 19090: to allow HTTP connections from client applications/browsers to the web applications and web services.

  • 19443: to allow HTTPS connections from client applications/browsers to the web applications and web services. HTTPS is disabled by default but we strongly suggest enabling it and using it instead of HTTP.

The other ports do not need to be opened on the firewall because they are accessed locally. For example, Virtual DataPort does not need to be reached externally because the Virtual DataPort included with the Solution Manager is only used for authentication/authorization of users and this can be configured from the Solution Manager Administration Tool (reachable on the ports 19090 and/or 19443).