Installing Denodo4Eclipse Plugin


The Denodo4Eclipse plugin is deprecated and it may be removed in future major versions of the Denodo Platform.

The section Denodo4Eclipse Plugin of the Upgrade Guide provides details about the alternatives to using this plugin.

To install the Denodo4E plug-in for Eclipse, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Denodo Platform on your local machine (this plugin depends on libraries not included in the client installation). To obtain a complete installation, you can

    1. Install Denodo Express

    2. Or request an installer and a license to the Denodo administrator of your organization.


    With Denodo Express you will be able to develop and debug any type of custom component except VDP custom wrappers. With Denodo Express you can develop VDP custom wrappers but not debug them.

  1. Configure Eclipse to run with Java 11.


    The plugin will not start without this version of Java.

  2. Open Eclipse and click the menu Help > Install New Software.

  3. Click the button Add.

  4. Click Local…. In this dialog, select the folder - not a file - <DENODO_HOME>/tools/denodo4e/updateSite and click Ok. Then, enter a name for the new update site (e.g. “Denodo”) and click OK.

Configuring the local repository for Denodo 4E

Configuring the local repository for Denodo 4E

  1. Select Denodo4E (located under the Denodo Technologies category)

  2. Select the check box Contact all update sites during install to find required software.

  3. Click Next. Once Eclipse finishes calculating dependencies, click Finish to begin the installation process.

  4. Once all the required features are installed, restart Eclipse.

This plug-in has been tested with these versions of Eclipse:

  • Eclipse Neon (4.6)

  • Eclipse Oxygen (4.7)

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