Connecting to the Server

There are two ways in which a connection to the ITPilot execution server can be added depending on whether the Virtual DataPort server is installed in the same location as ITPilot.

If Denodo ITPilot has been installed separately, then the default server connection mode should be used (constructor HTMLWrapperServerProxy(String host, int port)) indicating the machine and port in which the server is executed.

If ITPilot is installed jointly with Virtual DataPort, then Virtual DataPort will be used as an execution server for ITPilot. In this case, it is possible to specify any database created in the Virtual DataPort server in the connection to the server and use any user defined in it. The actions allowed for the user will be coherent with the permissions assigned to said user in the Virtual DataPort server for the specified database.

In this case the constructor HTMLWrapperServerProxy(String host, int port, String dbName, String login, String password) may be used. In this constructor, in addition to the machine and port in which the server is executed, the name of the database of the Virtual DataPort server to which the connection is to be made should be specified as well as the user ID with which access is to be made and the associated password.

It is important to highlight that, even if Virtual DataPort is installed, it is equally possible to access the server using the default mode (constructor HTMLWrapperServerProxy(String host, int port)). In this case, a default database called ‘itpilot’ will be accessed. The predefined user ‘admin’ (with the initial password ‘admin’) will be used to gain access.

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