Dynamic Separators

A dynamic separator is a string-type separator, which value is calculated at runtime.

Example: We want to use a web source that contains tuples for the relation COUNTRY (NAME, NUMBER_INHABITANTS, EXTENSION_IN_KMS) to obtain data of a country from its name. The interface of this source consists on a page with a list of links to details pages of every country. To locate the link of a country, without knowing at generation time the name of the country that we want to obtain the details of, we should use a dynamic separator. In this case “@COUNTRY”

Example of use of a dynamic separator

The values of dynamic separators used in a DEXTL program of an Extractor component are obtained from the input of the component (“Input values”). These values can be

  • Simple values

See more about the Extractor component in the section Extractor of the ITPilot Generation Environment Guide.

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